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Tête-à-Tête with Teenage Singing Sensation Shiv De Artist

Tête-à-Tête with Teenage Singing Sensation Shiv De Artist









Shivang Hemantgiri Gosai is the newest singing sensation in the tween and teen demographic in Nairobi. Going by the stage name Shiv De Artist, he has covered the mega Bongo hit “Tetema” by Rayvanny featuring Diamond
Platnumz and Mbosso’s “Nipepee” receiving more than 200, 000 views and over 500
comments on his YouTube channel which boasts almost 4,000 subscribers. His first project in April 2019, the “Tetema” cover was reposted by Rayvanny on his Instagram page. Shiv had the pleasure of meeting the Bongo artist when he was in Nairobi for a performance
recently. The 14 year-old Kenyan of Asian descent is under the Nairobi-based Mzee Mnyama Productions stable. We picked the precocious boy’s brain about everything from his love for music, school to fourteen year-old boy things:


First things first, when did you discover your love for music?

When I was 10 years old! I was born and brought up in a family where music and movies are part of our weekend entertainment leading me to develop interest in music, acting and dancing.


Was it difficult to convince your parents to allow you to get into music or they were on board from get-go?

No, it wasn’t difficult as it was on the condition that my studies remained the priority. I am currently in Year 8. I appreciate their support for standing by me, guiding me on the way forward and I would take this opportunity to thank my family and guardians for all their support.


Your two projects have been warmly received with many people commending your talent and making you a figure of growing popularity online. How has that helped you?

The overwhelming response I have received from different countries and communities around the world has really built my confidence in my ability to perform as an artist and to pursue the entertainment industry as my career.


How has it been multitasking between school and music?

Multitasking is always a challenge, as both are time consuming but it is manageable. I work on my music projects on weekends and I also try to get time to practice on weekdays.


Why Bongo and not any other genre? Say closer home like Kenyan or Bollywood music from your ethnic background?

Bongo has caught my attention due to its melody and hype. It’s a genre that relieves you of worries or stress and gives you positive vibes.


Other than on your YouTube channel, do you showcase your music elsewhere? Perform at family gatherings, friends’ birthday parties or professional gigs?

Yes, I perform at family gatherings and parties and when I attend other functions.


Do you plan on pursuing music full-time in the future?

Yes as well as acting and dancing.


What challenges, if any, have you so far encountered on your journey?

I would say the expense and difficulty in finding audio and video production professionals for preparation and release of my projects. Currently, my family assists me with.


Is there anything you can share about your future projects?

I am working on my third project, an original song which will showcase my talent and that I hope and pray will also receive a positive response. It should be out soon.


Part B


  1. If you had to compete in one singing competition, which one would it be? Idol or The Voice?

The Voice! I love the show’s concept which has judges sitting with their backs facing contestants, meaning they judge vocal ability and not physical appearance. This also relieves the contestants of the pressure of performing on a huge stage for the first time.


  1. What’s your go-to song when prompted to sing without prior warning?

Rayvanny’s “Tetema,” I have rehearsed and listened to this song over 30 times, I can sing it any time.


  1. We know it’s hard but we have to ask, Diamond Platinumz or Rayvanny?

I’m not being diplomatic here, but they are both talented stars in their own ways and it would be a dream come true if I got to collaborate with any or both of them.


  1. The temple fade or crew cut?

The temple fade as it’s both classy and official.


  1. Minecraft, Fortnite or what are fourteen year old boys currently obsessing over in gaming?

Fortnite anytime, most of my friends are obsessed with the game too. The Victory Royale is my top achievement in the game.

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