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Unity, Diversity At Jashn-e- Milad-un-Nabi

Unity, Diversity At Jashn-e- Milad-un-Nabi



Report By: Ravneet Sehmi

To mark the auspicious Islamic occasion of Milad-un-Nabi, the Ismaili Women’s Committee, EAC Muslim Women’s Association, Shia Asna Ashri Jamaat, Young Women’s Islamic Society and the Cutchi Sunni Muslim Union joined hands to mark the birth, the life and the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In Nairobi, the ladies arms of various Muslim associations and institutions have, for 20 years, observed this tradition and on January 13, in vivid hues of pink and orange drapery, replete with cascading lights, the Aga Khan Pavillion welcomed approximately 1,000 women dressed festively for the function.

“This function has evolved in a beautiful way. When it started, there were only a few ladies. Today, we have hundreds, just a few shy of a thousand. In addition to this, we have so many diverse forms of traditions here. By building these bridges, we are able to explore the vast richness, and range of devotional prayer and literature,” said Laila Nimji, part of advisory section of the Ismaili Women’s Committee.

The function comprised of Naats, Qasidas, poems and an intellectually stimulating talk on The Role of Women and Spirituality in Islam by guest speaker, Dr Karim Gillani, a music professor from the University of Alberta, with a PhD in Religious Studies and Music, specialising in Sufi music.

Emcee, Parveen Adam, engaged the audience with mesmeric lines of thought in her gripping conversations.

The women participated in the on-goings, and later enjoyed a delectable traditional spread by the Jamat.


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