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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts










In any employment, be it in the formal sector or informal, including domestic staff employments, it is vital to reduce the terms of the employment into writing.

The Employment Act (2007) regulates the Employer-Employee relationships.

Of key importance is the requirement for every employer to provide a Contract of Service, or more commonly known as Employment Contract, for their employees.

Many people forget that domestic staff are also employees and therefore it is equally important to provide them with Employment Contracts.


The Employment Contract must have the following details:

(a) The job description of the employment.

(b) The date of commencement of the employment.

(c) The form and duration of the contract

(d) The name, age, permanent address and the place of work

(e) The name of the employer

(f) The hours of work.

(g) The remuneration, scale or rate of remuneration, the method of calculating the remuneration and details of any other benefits.

(h) The intervals at which the remuneration is paid.

(i)The date on which the employee’s period of continuous employment began.


Additional information on the

Employment contract is:

(a) Entitlement to annual leave, including public holidays.

(b) Conditions relating to incapacity to work due to sickness or injury, including any provision for sick pay.

(c) Pension and pension schemes, if any.

(d) The length of notice which the employee is obliged to give and entitled to receive to terminate the employment.

(e) Where the employment is not intended to be for an indefinite period, the period for which it is expected to continue or, if it is for a fixed term, the date when it is to end.

(f) Either the place of work or, where the employee is required or permitted to work at various places, an indication of that place of work and of the address of the employer.

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