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Dr Dhaval Mistry’s Inspiration, Practice & Aspirations In Surgery

BY MILLY MAINA Dhaval Mistry developed Acute Appendicitis when he was 14 and rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. An interest in the medical field was then created within him and he was fascinated by a surgeon’s power and responsibility to manipulate a human body […]

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Laxcon Family Fun DAY Went Down A Treat

  BY CORRESPONDENT Scores of people gathered over the weekend of 25th and 26th June at the Laxcon Family Fun Day to witness a relaxed and entertaining event replete with food stalls, retail therapy, children’s activities and socializing at the Laxcon complex. Organisers – Arvind Raghwani, Anjli […]

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Travel Is Back! 3 Countries You Can Now Travel To From Kenya

  BY HARPREET ACHARYA The world is opening! Travel is not just a dream anymore and this is welcome news for all that thrive on exploring and experiencing our beautiful planet. As countries were closed during the pandemic, and rules on PCR Tests and entry requirements were […]

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Joy Of Religious Belief Reflected At Yoga Mantra Festival

  BY BY CAINE CORREA The ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple in Ngara, Nairobi joyfully celebrated its second Yoga Mantra Festival this past weekend. The first was held in 2018, its succession interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The festival is all about ‘Kirtan’, the prescribed devotion for its […]

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The Safari Rally – End Of Day 3 & The Final Surge To Victory

End of the penultimate day of the Safari Rally, the drivers licking their wounds from the day’s action and bruised egos slowly on the mend, offered them the last chance to claw back a few valuable seconds and improve their standings.  To prove they have what it […]

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