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Discovering Kenya’s Diverse Landscapes

                BY HARPREET ACHARYA  OF HARPREET’S WANDERLUST Now that domestic tourism has opened up, it is the perfect time to explore our own country: Kenya. We often travel abroad to find magic, not realising that there are acres of diamonds […]

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Sandip Bhadury On Ga Insurance Limited – Kenya, Tackling Insurance In The Time Of Pandemic

                  BY RAVNEET SEHMI His passion for the insurance industry stemmed as early as the year 2006 and that his expertise transcends continents such as Asia, Europe and Africa. The CEO of GA Insurance Limited – Kenya – Sandip […]

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The Place Of Corporate Values In A Sea Of Confusion

                BY THIAGARAJAN RAMAMURTHY Our beloved country is one of those with a most progressive national constitution. A key measure of a progressive constitution is one that recognises national unity and the essence of national values. The Kenyan Constitution Chapter two, reserves […]

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Price-Friendly Foods That Will Aid Your Health

                BY RAVNEET SEHMI The pandemic undoubtedly has brought countries world over to their knees. While in Kenya, we are trying to pick ourselves up, things have often taken a turn for the worse financially, with citizens grappling over salary […]

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Communicating With Those Who Have Mental Health Concerns

                  BY DHARA SOLANKI FOUNDER, MIND MATTERS FOUNDATION KENYA LTD Empathy vs Sympathy Empathy can be defined as a person’s ability to recognise and share the emotions of another person, being or fictional character. While it is tempting to […]

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