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Where There Is Pain, There Is Dr Harita Desai

                  BY JAVED KANA Briefly introduce yourself to The Asian Weekly readers. I am Dr Harita Desai, BSc in physiotherapy, Senior Pain Management Consultant at Aalayam Rehab Care Kenya and certified therapist specialising in e-laser calmative cold laser and […]

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Types of Thinking Errors- Part 1

                  BY SANJHI GANDHI Thinking errors are also known as cognitive distortions. They are; false and inaccurate, have no basis in reality, and are not healthy patterns of thinking. They are entirely normal, and everyone has them; it’s just […]

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Rotary Club Of Nairobi Turns 90

                BY CORRESPONDENT The Rotary Club of Nairobi turned 90 on 11th September and the day marked the charter anniversary of the oldest Rotary Club in East and Central Africa, the regional flagship, mother Rotary club in this part of […]

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To Play Or Not To Play? Parent’s Dilemma On Online Games During Covid-19

                BY BINNY BRAHMBHATT-SHARMA Online schooling has had an overwhelming impact on students globally. It isn’t easy to adapt to this new norm when the fun aspects of education (socialising, sports, arts) have been canceled while solely academics proceeds. The […]

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Kenbharti Marks Hindi Divas In Conjunction With High Commission Of India

                BY CORRESPONDENT Hindi is the world’s third largest speaking language. Surprisingly, its dominance is not only because of India but because of its spread in Mauritius, Suriname, Mali, Malaysia, Nepal and many countries across the world. Kenbharti Centre has celebrated […]

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