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A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.
The Asian Weekly was incepted and embarked on its momentous journey on August 27, 2010 and rapidly became the talk of the town. A paperzine that has grown to be much loved, united the scores of religions, cultures and sub-cultures that largely forms the Kenyan Asian society in the country.
It has been seven years of experiences, emotions, lessons, curves balls and dedication. With a dynamic team that has grown from strength to strength, we strive to bring you the paperzine week in, week out for your reading pleasure.
Times have passed and the team has grown bigger and better. As we changed gears and hit the pedal to bigger ventures, we incorporated newer members to our team, whose vision matched that of The Asian Weekly.
You may have met and mingled with them many times, but it is imperative that you get to know a little about them. The representatives of The Asian Weekly team are:


Managing Director, Nisha Hirani
Despite being the Managing Director, the irony remains that Nisha Hirani is rather media-shy.
At The Asian Weekly, she holds the steering that moves the wheels of the paperzine, ensuring it always remains on track.
Her professional background is a BSc in International Business Administration (First Class Honours, if you please), an MA in Marketing, CIM and ISO Quality Management Assessor. That in itself is a heavy CV, but above all, Nisha is a creative soul. She loves reading, travelling and catching up with friends. And her famous coffees are brewed to perfection. On a Sunday, Nisha is likely to be spending time with the children at home. You guessed right; Nisha is married – to her work!





Managing Editor, Ravneet Sehmi
Ravneet Sehmi is The Asian Weekly’s Managing Editor and an alumnus of Manipal University in India. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.
Having joined Kenya’s mainstream media in 2008 via local daily newspaper, The Star, as a Feature Writer, the affable character has grown tremendously as a professional to attract a loyal following.
Joining The Asian Weekly in 2011 saw Ravneet bring with her experience and expertise to augment the editorial team in what was then the publication’s fetal years. And even now, Ravneet, The Asian Weekly Achievers Awards (TAWAA) 2013 winner for The Best Writer at the publication, continues to be a pivotal member of the team as she co-heads the dynamic editorial team.
Her portfolio of assignments covered continues to be decorated with national and international events – from covering the pinnacle of local stories such Kenya’s milestone 50 years of independence to international climaxes such as International Indian Film Academy awards (in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017) to the Times of India Film Awards in Dubai (TOIFA 2016) as well the Cannes Film Festival (2015). That is testament to her versatility as a writer, as she continues to lord the fashion section – Style Stop – and manages Party Central, among other sections of the paper.



Columnist, Caine Correa

Caine Correa was born literally in the shadow of the lighthouse edging Mombasa’s most popular stretch of road, the Mama Ngina Drive. Born, bred and buttered at the Coast, Caine graduated A-levels at one of the icons of Mombasa’s educational establishments, Allidina Visram High School.
Nairobi was a different ball game, where, despite his designated profession as an English language and Literature lecturer, Caine’s distinctive voice and musical smarts led him to the advertising world of radio and television jingles to eventually full-time radio jock.
Sports, was his forte and many a Kenyan Asian yuppie was weaned on Caine’s cricket, football and motor rally updates. His famed four-hour Saturday sports marathon ‘Khel Khel Mein’ on the airwaves was a favourite for many.
The Asian Weekly is today the mirch of the masala fabric of every Kenyan Asian’s life. And Caine promises, the Sports Scoop, written in his inimitable tongue-in-cheek chic, will continue to entertain and provide you with all the sports news you need – and in style.




Contributor, Kamal Tolia
Kamal Tolia is a retired educationist, having previously been a teacher and headed private international schools in Nairobi.
As many of you have already learnt, Kamal is also a Founding member of Lotus Healing Seva Group (LHSG) and conducts workshops as well as provides motivational addresses
Thus, her affiliation with The Asian Weekly was but a natural fit.
“I love reaching out to people through the Soul’s Reflection column of The Asian Weekly,” she says.






Contributor, Monica Gokaldas
The Asian Weekly’s contributor is a member of the Kenya’s business community – but that is one of many feathers in her cap. She is also a poet, writer, blogger, community worker and an energy healer.
Monica Gokals, a Founder member and Trustee of the Sindhi Welfare Society in Kenya, has been a delightful addition to the publication’s editorial team, drawing inspiration from her various talents to provide a different perspective on matters.
The selfless individual, who is always at hand to help out, is an artsy spirit, as is evidenced by her choicest hobbies: listening to classical music, singing, photography, travelling as well as attending spiritual discourses of any faith.
One of the founding members of LHSG, she, among others, have been featured in The Asian Weekly for their numerous Reiki camps and sessions held towards a singular goal of helping others and ultimately making the world a better.




Office Assistant, George Mwachizi
The long time office assistant has been with The Asian Weekly for the last five years. He is widely known in the office as a down-to-earth straight fellow, yet courteous and dutiful.
When he is not engrossed with his work, George likes to spend time listening to his favourite music playlists as well as following updates about the world of soccer – especially when it involves his team of preference, Liverpool.







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