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Sikh Womens Society’s Dashmesh Dinner Delights

Sikh Womens Society’s Dashmesh Dinner Delights











In all its grandeur, the Sikh Wom- en Society (SWS) pulled out all stops on 9th February, 2019 when they held their Dashmesh Dinner to commemorate the 352nd Parkash Utsav of Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji as well as an Awards ceremony to mark the dedicated service that the current committee has adhered to over the last two years.Several dignitaries, Sikh leaders, business- men and guests were in attendance at the function, which kicked off with a welcome drink and socialis- ing in Loresho. “This award function is a way for us to extend our grati- tude to the team I have been work- ing with for the past two years. We have conducted several programs and have been actively involved in improving society in whatever we could. Our term comes to an end and we wish the new committee that will come in March all the very best,” stated Chairlady Sikh Wom- en Society – Amarjit Rayat.

The organising committee also unveiled their brochure at the event alongside the Chief Guest Kulwinder Kaur Flora amidst stage pyrotechnic flair. The evening comprised of delectables and lively entertainment such as a Gatka performances, classical dance by Sachliv Chana and Dip- si Modi from Kamini’s School of Dancing, Bhangra performances by Jasraj Singh and Group and poem recitations by Harjinder Bahra among others. Thereafter, guests enjoyed a sumptuous spread. Instrumental in the success of the function were Amarjit Rayat’s team including Mandeep Kent, Sharan Sehmi, Darshan Sehmi, Amarjit Panesar and Amarjit Sehmi and others.

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