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The Great African Caravan Showcases In Nairobi

The Great African Caravan Showcases In Nairobi










After successful projects in South Africa,  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, the Great African Caravan arrived in Nairobi and pitched tent at the Kenya National Theatre on 11th January, to put up riveting  performances.

Using art as a holistic and inclusive tool, the caravan artists continued spreading the gospel on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change and the environment, in collaboration with local performance artists.

“We live on a small planet. Human beings have to come together beyond our borders. How do we live sustainably in this planet without war and violence? Someday, things will change and we have to believe in this,” said the Project Head for the Great African Caravan, Akram Feroze.

Among those who were in attendance at the event included the Indian High Commissioner of India to Kenya, His Excellency (HE) Rahul Chhabra.

The UNESCO partnered project involved visual artists, graffiti artists, writers, poets, actors and filmmakers, travelling from Cape Town to Cairo through 12 African countries, making their presentations. By the time they got to Nairobi, they had completed 9,500 kilometers of the 200-days long journey.

“The project started with a philosophy of a borderless world. No matter where we come from, we have similar problems,” added Feroze.

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