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Deejays Serve A tropical Tryst

Deejays Serve A tropical Tryst









Report by: Correspondent

Photos by: Dhruv

On November 19, Desi Beatz FM and Jumbo Deals Online presented A Tropical Pool Party. On the line up were various acts which included Nairobi-based deejays and musicians, DJ Deshal, DJ Vishnu, Scott The Violinist, Prince & International artist – DJ Lemon.

The unique Sunday afternoon party took off at noon with Prince; the singer performing for an hour before deejays, Vishnu and Deshal warmed up the crowd. Thereafter, DJ Lemon made his entry and performed alongside Scott and the Drummer to an appreciative crowd for what was the organisers’ first ever pool party.

The outdoor fun carried on till past 8.00pm, before the crowd took to the indoor club to carry on the revellery.

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