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Navrang Pays Tribute To Jagjit Singh With Captivating Show

Navrang Pays Tribute To Jagjit Singh With Captivating Show









Navrang Fine Arts Foundation, through a lilting performance by Gayathri Ashokan, paid homage to ghazal god, Jagjit Singh, through an enchanting tribute show, Kahan Tum Chale Gaye, on 10th February. The entrancing performance, interrupted by a short interval, gracefully stretched across two-and-a-half hours to incorpo- rate numerous of his renowned songs and ghazals from across the spectrum.

“We are paying tribute to a king of ghazals, acknowledging the invaluable contribution he has made to the genre of music… He has been such a phenomenon and through his compositions very beautifully brought back a young audience,” remarked one of the Trustees, Ashwin Kothari. Accompanying her was Ojas Adhiya on the tabla, Ninad Mulaokar on the flute, Su- shant Sharma on the guitar, Vishal Dhu- mal on the keyboard, Deven Pandya de- livering the percussion and Sanjay Shaha orchestrating sound.

Over the evening, attendees were treated to musical mastery by the artists who per- formed mesmerisingly well, as they gently swayed in rhythmic harmony and gently sang along to the timeless classics. Quite often, ovations from ardent fans signalled their appreciation for the artists’ spectac- ular renditions of the popular numbers. True to the words of Kothari, “Ghazals are an invaluable heritage from the Indian sub-continent – we haven’t lost apprecia- tion for them, sometimes, we simply forget them.”

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