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Onam – The Return Of The Revered King Mahabali

Onam – The Return Of The Revered King Mahabali













Report By: Ravneet Sehmi

A mélange of distinct activities brought together
devotees and friends of the Sri Ayyappa Seva Samaj to witness the full glory of Onam on September 10, at their premises within Ram Mandir.

As per the legend, the 10th day of the festival, considered the most important is Thiruvonam; it celebrates the visit of King Mahabali or Maveli from the netherworld to his loyal subjects on earth.

Marked with ceremonial bells and whistles, the pookalam flower carpets, ethnic ensembles, Onam sadhya (a traditional feast comprising of numerous dishes served on a banana leaf), and customary singing and dancing all make for a majestic welcoming ceremony.

“Ayyappa Samaj has been celebrating Onam for the last 25 years. For the last 16 years, the celebrations have been hosted at the Ram Mandir premises. Along with the Ram Mandir committee members and devotees, we mark this auspicious Keralite celebration. But now, it has
become an Indian and global celebration as well,”
intimated the Chairman Sri Ayyappa Seva Samaj, Prathap Kumar.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was the Indian High Commissioner to Kenya, Suchitra Durai and
Amabassador Swaminathan.

Speaking at the function, Hon Durai said, “Hearty Onam to all present. I am very happy indeed and greatly privileged to attend the celebrations here today. It is a joy to see how you hold the Indian culture, values and traditions through not only religious but cultural functions. It shows how well you are keeping our traditions intact and
encouraging the next generation.”

To mark the Onam festivities, the Samaj will donate food ration to 10 homes in the course of the week for their monthly program titled, ‘Feed 1,000
Children Daily,’ which supports about 25 homes on a regular basis.

After the cultural extravaganza, members feasted on the Onam sadhya spread.

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