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Spiritual Upliftment As Five Women-Led Institutions Mark Milad

Spiritual Upliftment As Five Women-Led Institutions Mark Milad












The religious and grand occasion of Milad-un-Nabi was held amidst traditional zeal on 1st of December, where more than 800 Muslim women congregated at the Aga Khan Pavillion to celebrate the birth, life and message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Considered as one of the biggest gatherings of Muslim Asian women in Nairobi, the celebrations have been held for more than 20 years. The event came together courtesy of the Ismaili Women’s Committee, Muslim Women’s Society, Shai Asna Ashri Jamat, Young Women’s Islamic Society and Cutchi Sunni Muslims Union.

“Every year on the 12th day of 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, a vast majority of Muslims around the world celebrate Milad and give thanks to the Prophet, commemorating the guidance and principles of Islam exemplified by him. When women come together to grow deeper in their relationship with God, something special happens – hearts connect, friendships form, bonds deepen and lives are changed…” said Chairlady of Ismaili Women’s Committee

– Anis Jariwalla.

The riveting Parveen Adam led the audience into the crux of the program with her effortless magnetism, introducing ladies to the podium for naats, qasidas, and recitations from the Qu’ran.

Voicing her delight at the large turnout of women, Parveen Adam spoke of the growth of Muslim women in today’s society. “They (a lot of women) are still kept in the four walls of the house and are not encouraged enough. So when there are functions such as these, they come out and express themselves, otherwise there is no emancipation for our women.”

The spiritual ambiance engulfed the hall. “Indeed, we are celebrating the birth of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who filled this earth with grace, a personality who is the messiah of mercy for the entire universe, and one that defines the norm of the world – and brought about a balance, an order, a rhythm and harmony…” intimated one of the Chief Guests -. The other Chief Guest was Dilshad Mohamed. Thereafter, ladies enjoyed a meal at the venue.

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