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A Thousand Desires fulfilled At Navrang’s Ghazal Evening

A Thousand Desires fulfilled At Navrang’s Ghazal Evening











“Chalo lafzon ko suron se bandh kar kuch baat karte hain,

Ghazal ko cherte hain aur din se raat karte hain,

Tum apne sab ghamon ko bhool kar bas shaad ho jao,

Hum apne dil ki sab baatein tumhare sath karte hain,

Yeh mehfil tab sajegi jab chherenge saaz-e-dil apne,

Hawaale ab tumhare sur ki yeh soghaat karte hain.”

This fitting Urdu poetry by emcee Naila Butt opened the lilting ghazal program, Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi hosted by Navrang Fine Arts. The verse (above) loosely translates to inviting the audience to let go of their plight, succumbing to the heart-warming renditions of a musically-intriguing evening.  The Oshwal Centre auditorium filled up fast on 17th March with ghazal lovers ready to be enchanted by Gayatri Asokan. “Gayatri rose to fame in the Ghazal world when she started performing in a television series – Khayal, where she had to herself more than 15 episodes presenting only Ghazals and Geets. She is trained in both, the Hindustani and the Carnatic schools of vocals. She has playbacked for the illustrious Ilyaraja and also Ravindran Master,” read a statement.  She was accompanied by on the tabla by Ojas Adhiye, Rohan Kishan Ratan on santoor, Deepak Marathe on the harmonium, Deven Pandia on percussions and Ralfin Stephen on the keyboard.

Gayatri struck a chord with the audience from her first ghazal – Baat Karni Kabhi Mujhe Mushkil and followed it up with another Mehdi Hassan rendition, Gulon Mein Rang Bhare. Gayatri then sang Tukde Utha Rahe Hain from her own album, Ghazal Gaze.

The award-winning artiste engrossed the audience with melody after melody, and they appreciated her with an equally heart-warming applause.  “Navrang Fine Arts is celebrating its 10 years this year and we promise to bring more artists from the classical music genre to Nairobi,” stated Navrang’s Praful Varsani.


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