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Marveling at magic with Javed Khan

Marveling at magic with Javed Khan












Sometimes, all we need is a little magic that engulfs us, transports us to the world of mystifying miracles and leaves us in genuine child-like wonder… and that’s exactly what magician Javed Khan charmingly did on 15th June before an all-eager audience at the Oshwal Academy auditorium. The India’s Got Talent Season 8 winner was a maverick storyteller… so it was easy to get invested in his striking series of magic tricks and illusions packed into 90 minutes.

Brought in courtesy of Dreamz Performance Ltd, Khan’s stage presence, sharp misdirection, memory skills and his sleight-of-hand trickery was alarmingly entertaining. As the tricks unfolded, the audience witnessed all the bells and whistles in this unusual magic-fuelled entertainment filled evening.

“My style is street or up-close magic and I am self-taught. It has been my self-discovery. People don’t see magic as a career option – but it should. We have to change our approach toward magic,” said the magician on his first trip to Kenya.

Adding to the sensory and memorable experience, Vikash Pattni proved to be a smooth and spontaneous emcee, exhibiting a boyish lure which won the crowd with ease. Pattni’s jovial banter had everyone picking their jaws-off-the-floor. This alongside Javed Khan’s up-close mystery-filled magic made for rapturous laughter. “This is the first time a magician has performed for 1 hour 30 min. Most, if not all, perform for 30 minutes but Khan has specially performed for the DPL team

showcasing 16 tricks. Vikash Pattni entertained the crowd with his super punch lines. We are delighted at the response from the public,” reads a statement from DPL team, who strive to push the entertainment bar notches higher.

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