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The Difference Between Movember & No shave Novermber

The Difference Between Movember & No shave Novermber










Already two weeks into November, a chat with some friends on men’s health and the moustache-growing culture made me realise that people associate the two – Movember and No Shave November, to be the exact same thing, yet there are differences on almost every level. However, the overall motive is to create awareness on men’s health.

Here’s a quick and simple breakdown on the two and what they both stand for.



The initiative was propelled by the Movember Foundation, which raises funds chanelled towards men’s mental health issues as well as testicular and prostate cancer.

Back in 2003, friends and associates in Melborne, Australia, were seated and enjoying drinks when the topic sprung up of why the previously celebrated moustache was no longer fashionable. Friends Adam Garon, Travis Garone, Justin Coghlan and Luke Slattery brainstormed on the matter and decided to reinvent the moustache reputation, but would do it not only for fashion reasons but also for a greater cause. They decided to focus on men’s health awareness, lifestyle disease and mental issues. It became a registered charity in 2006 and has since grown in popularity globally.

It has by far more rigid a rule than No Shave November. In Movember, you need to start off on a clean face; then, the focus is growing and grooming moustaches for the month. You may create or recreate it from hundreds of looks. Do not shave but maintain, maintain and maintain – that is the advice that guides men in Movember. Note: beards do not count. The final step is to donate money and ask friends and family to support the cause and donate as well.


No Shave November

Its early inception saw thousands of people follow the No Shave
November initiative but it was only in 2009 that California’s Chicagoland Hill family decided to take up the cause and raise money for charity.

When Mathew Hill passed away from colon cancer in 2007, his eight children began the initiative on Facebook. From the social site, the word spread and people took to it with ease and today, celebrate it on a global scale.

Key to pulling off the No Shave November is by growing one’s hair, which most cancer patients lose. The money you would have used to otherwise get a shave, trim, cut or in grooming should then be donated to further research, spreading awareness about cancer and its prevention, and for those that are battling it too. This cause isn’t only for men, women too can participate and apply the same principle.

Whichever cause you are supporting this November, be sure to donate, spread awareness about it and stand tall for the great cause. Well done to you.

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