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Robin Hood Leaves An Indomitable Mark

Robin Hood Leaves An Indomitable Mark









Report By: Hussein Jiva

Photos By: Dhruv Shah

Nairobi was treated to three days and five shows of enthralling and captivating theatrical performances from November 17, as Aperture Africa Productions – not for the first time – put on memorable shows, this time for ‘Robin Hood, the Musical.’

The shows, in aid of the Homeless of  Nairobi, were held at Oshwal Religious Centre auditorium in front of packed audiences. And
Aperture Africa Productions, the makers of last year’ hit production, Jungle Book Musical, were simply on point.

The Robin Hood-themed venue was replete with a bow and arrow corner, stalls that adopted the medieval influences as well as stacks of hay by the auditorium entrance. Inside, the bunting continued to punctuate the hall, with urban farming pots resting by the stage as flags festooned from either side of the auditorium.

The Director of the play, Amar Desai, left no stone unturned to produce a masterful performance, complete with a stunningly vibrant stage back drop, entertaining audience engagements, innovative stage entries and an artfully delivered stage performance via a pool of talent. A variety of scenes sprinkled with humour, entranced the audiences through a spectrum of emotions as actors – in harmony – complemented one another on stage. And the on-stage theatrics was even more impactful, thanks to the immaculate work of Music Director, Andrew Tumbo and his talented troupe of musicians. Tumbo aptly orchestrated the musical interludes to further the dramatics.

One of the Producers of Aperture Africa Productions, Amar Desai said, “We are one of very few companies that continue to create a stable and professional platform for actors and alike within the theatre industry… Feedback from several patrons has been that we are edging towards broadway standards – we are thrilled to hear that!”

Robin Hood itself is a tale of heroism, as the supremely-skilled archer robs the rich to give the poor. He does so in the lands of Nottingham, against the defiant rule of the Sheriff and his side-kick, Guy of Gibsorne.

Very grateful was one of the Founders of the home, Clifford Oluoch, who said part of the proceeds of the show would not only cater for the fees of some of the children supported by the home, but aid in improving some of the facilities there as well.

According to another Producer of Aperture Africa Productions, Jinita Desai, the home was doing a tremendous job in helping the homless community.

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