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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials 2018

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials 2018


Report By: Ravneet Sehmi

Last week, we had a good look at women’s fashion essentials for 2018. This week, we explore the basics that stay true and classic for men.

While seasons change and trends come and go, there are some pieces which work through each fashion change and still look sharp, smart and trendy.

A Crewneck Jumper

This wardrobe essential has men looking great. Get one with a neutral colour or a dark-hued one. Paired with chinos, denims, shorts over a t-shirt or smart shirt,
jumpers complete the look.

An Oxford Shirt

Why an oxford shirt? Well, because of the way the collar is designed, this shirt fits well for numerous occasions such as work, casual or play too. With its design, the collar edges are softer as compared to most other shirt styles, therefore, works for an informal as well as a formal look. You could have it in numerous shades, but black, dark blue and greys really stand out; one can never have too many.

A White Poplin Shirt

While these are available in numerous colours, prints and patterns, if you must buy one, pick a white one. It works wonders when paired with a blazer, a suit, a three piece – ultimately, you will have so many choices, as it is such a versatile must-have piece. Poplin shirts are known to be wrinkle-free, light and comfortable.

A Smart Navy Suit

They say that no man should be without one. The secret to getting a great suit is a good fit, good hue, and an
attitude to match. While black and grey suits are amazing too, in 2018, experts have their eye on the navy suits – so check one out.

A Pair Of Crew Neck T-Shirts

Comfort, casual and chilled – that’s what a T is all about. In fashion, it makes loads of statements too. From layering to
casual trendy, the T is available

in every hue. Don’t pick

just one – you’ll need many.

Fitting Denims

When investing in a pair of jeans, don’t be in a rush. Take your time to look out for the ultimate fit, comfort, price and hue. It is worth it to spend some more money on a pair you feel was made just for you, because jeans are one wardrobe item you’ll wear often; all the more reason they should look good. It is a trend not to be left back in 2018, so go on – find your match.

Cotton Chinos

What a good pair of heels means to a woman are what a great pair of chinos are to a man. Considered as the other alternative to jeans, chinos have fast earned their name in the fashion industry. With more colours, cuts and styles to choose from, chinos are a fashion statement to embrace – with numerous shades to opt from such as neutrals, browns, deep plum, maroon, reds and oranges et cetera. Chinos can be worked in as casual as well as formal wear – it just needs the right accessories with it.

White Sneakers

These remain a footwear classic and men look amazing in them. White sneakers look good in just about anything they are paired with. And if properly looked after, they will take you for years before you need your next pair.


You may know them to be the smart shoes with holes or perforations that run along the edges of the shoes, usually with a shoe lace on them too. There’s no doubt about the class these beauties hold. They are available in hues of brown and black – and these are really the colours that stand out. Greys and other hues have also been introduced. It is perfect for a smart look.

Other things to
absolutely watch out for are:

• Sunglasses

• Watches

• Wallets

• Belts

• Cuffs

• A manbag

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