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Kenyan Cricket Nostalgia Bash Stumped Out

Kenyan Cricket Nostalgia Bash Stumped Out








It was a sad affair indeed for Kenyan cricket. Jahawir Shah, an icon of the game, from the good old days when Kenya was a nation to contend with in world cricket, came home from UK where he now does business and resides. Scores of other ace cricketers from them days all congregated at the Mecca of cricket in Kenya the Nairobi Gymkhana. A celebration has been planned. Commencing with a cricket game followed by celebrations and memories at a gala dinner guaranteed to make this ‘blast from the past’ an unforgettable event. Hero of the day, Jahawir Shah, whose feats as a batsman cum run-getter extraordinaire left our latter day heroes green with envy, was met by Kenyan cricket legends. Among them Hitesh Mehta (ex-Kenya and Nairobi Gymkhana captain), Dhiru Shah (a fine off-spinner), Bhavesh Shah (good all-rounder), Durgesh Shah (wicked wicket taker), ICC sanctioned umpire Subash Modi et al. Unfortunately, Jahawir Shah, our man-of-the-day suffered a stroke. Even as he is rushed to hospital, his absence is largely felt at the gathering. When his death was announced the next day, all of Kenya’s close knit cricket fraternity were devastated. From Yours truly, The Asian Weekly and Kenya’s cricket aficionados, Rest in peace Jahawir in that ideal batting pitch in the skies. Herewith is the photo of the teams along with the members of the organising committee and the umpires. The photo was taken at Nairobi Gymkhana on Sunday afternoon.

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