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Vanda Orchids

Vanda Orchids




Vanda orchids are air orchids that originate from the tropical land of Asia. They do not need soil, coco fiber or any other medium for them to survive. All they need is air and spraying of water on alternate days. Another way of watering them is soaking the roots in water for two to five minutes without damaging them. Once in two weeks, they have to be fed with orchid food which is apportioned

as directed. There are 80 varieties of Vanda orchids.

Once a new member in the plant world is added to

your collection, your  main concern is how to take care of the plant and what its maintenance would entail. The orchids are extremely simple to look after. They flower twice or thrice a year, their bloom lasting for almost six weeks. The most important factor is that they do not need direct sunlight. They can stay indoors in very bright light but not direct sunlight. Vanda orchids can survive in 80% humid weather.

There are different ways to display Vanda orchids.

One is hanging with a hook on the wall, another is putting it in a transparent vase or putting it up on a tree. When they are kept on the tree, the orchids need to be tied gently to the tree trunk. Gradually the roots take hold of the trunk and they thrive off the tree’s nutrients. Vanda orchids do not harm the tree on which they grow nor do they disturb the nutrients or growth of the tree.

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