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There Is Tremendous Freedom Of Expression For Artists On Web Series Arjun Rampal

There Is Tremendous Freedom Of Expression For Artists On Web Series Arjun Rampal








He has won hearts with his performances in Rock On, Om Shanti Om, Don, Housefull to name a few. His work in Daddy received critical acclaim. For Arjun, Daddy is a film that he is proud of. He produced and acted in it. Daddy was the film that opened the inaugural Indian Film Festival Kenya. In an exclusive at the opening night of the festival, Arjun Rampal – the newest daddy in Bollywood, speaks to

Ravneet Sehmi and I, about films and family.


Welcome to Kenya, Arjun. I believe this is not your first visit to Kenya?

had come here in 1994/5 and I just fell in love with Kenya. It was magnificent to see Africa the way it is. I have come back after almost 25 years and see so much of development. I don’t feel I am in Nairobi right now, it could be anywhere in the world. I’m sure if I go to Maasai Mara or Mombasa, I’ll get to experience the savannah all over again.


This time you’ve come for a different reason – a first-of-its-kind festival and you’re the first star who has come for the Indian Film Festival. It’s a historic moment. What are your thoughts?

It’s very important (being a part of the festival). We get a lot of love from people here. We have lots of fans and people who encourage our industry and the movies we make. It’s nice and important to have an Indian film festival here. I hope this is the first step to something much bigger, better, more glamorous and something that people from India, Pakistan or wherever they have come from to reside here to enjoy.


The premiere film for the festival is Daddy. What are your memories do you have of shooting that film?

It’s a film that’s close to my heart. It’s a film that I produced and acted in. It’s a true story. It was one of the most challenging works that I have done. I’m proud that it’s a film that will open the festival.


Speaking of Daddy, we must say congratulations for turning daddy once more. How are you coping with sleepless nights?

(laughs) I want to go back!


Arjun, looking at your career graph and the films that you’ve done – Rock On, Om Shanti Om, Ra. One… How do you go about choosing your films?

I mean, it’s an instinct thing. You kind of feel something inside of you. My mantra is – If you feel it’s easy, you shouldn’t do it, but if it’s difficult, go ahead!


On that note, you’ve done some web series of late. Do you feel that’s the future in terms of entertainment?

Well, it’s definitely another strong branch of entertainment and it’s here to stay. It’s not a fad that will go away. You will see more mainstream actors and directors coming into this space. Why? Because there is a tremendous amount of freedom on the platform, and any artist wants that. Freedom of expression, the way it is on the OTT platforms, is something that people have been dying for and now we have it. There are a lot of things that I will be doing on the web, but there are many projects that I will be doing on the big screen too because that’s where I think films should be watched.


Also, there are many star kids who are making their debut in films. Do you see any of your children venturing into Bollywood?

I don’t know. I don’t want to pressurise anyone to do anything. It should come from within. It’s not easy being in films, you’ve got to train for it and be prepared. It’s a proper profession, just like training to become a tennis champion. It’s a specialised job and it’s important to make sure you really love it. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with it and if you don’t love it that much, you’re not going to be able to sustain the pressure, hard work and patience. For me, my kids – Mahikaa and Myra come from the arts side, if they have to do it, they’ll train for it. But they are still young and have a lot of time to put their head around it.


A message for your fans?

It’s really wonderful to be here – hakuna matata! And, nakupenda sana!.


Thanking the curator – Captain Rahul Bali and Sudha Bhagwagar of Sudha B Productions who facilitated this interview.


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