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Rajoo Barot Hosts Theatre Workshop

Rajoo Barot Hosts Theatre Workshop












The best way to act is not to act,’ these words echoed by Rajoo Barot summed up the theatre workshop. The theatre aficionado from Gujarat hosted an acting workshop for budding artists in Nairobi on 9th and 10th November, at the Maharashtra Mandal. Accompanying Barot were Ahmedabad Theatre Group’s Priyank Upadhyay and Nitish Parekh.

The informative session kickstarted with an introduction of the numerous players in theatre, understanding one’s identity and the significance of the workshop, before getting deeper into the nuances of theatre, history and theatre architecture. Through vivid examples, Barot explained about the key elements of emoting – how one uses his gestures and expressions to bring out nuances of a character.

The day-long workshop entailed film screenings, theatre games, improvisation and
interaction as well as presentation of performances. It constituted
important lessons about acting and working on stage.


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