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Randeria Serves A Hit Potboiler With Bluffmaster Gujjubhai

Randeria Serves A Hit Potboiler With Bluffmaster Gujjubhai







By Javed Kana

Photos by Dhruv Shah


Comedy was served on a simmering platter at Oshwal Centre when the Gujrati film and theatre stalwart, Siddarth Randeria staged Bluffmaster Gujjubhai on 12th and 13th October, 2019. Co-ordinated by Raju Lodhia and partnered by Rushabh and Palak Doshi, the comedy was a series following Randeria his previous offerings, Gujjubhai E Gaam Gajaayu, Lage Raho Gujjubhai, Lo Gujjubhai Ghode Chadya, Gujjubhai ni Golmaal and Gujjubhai Banya Dabangg. The story in Bluffmaster Gujjubhai was based on comedy of errors. The synopsis?

A simple middle-class professor Sanjay Suchak, is happily married to Mona (Tejal Vyas). He feels like he has it all figured out, when a simple kiss from one of his students, turns his life upside down.

A grateful new transfer student gives him an innocent kiss. As fate would have it, Mona sees this. All hell breaks loose as she refuses to believe that her husband had nothing to do with it. Mona threatens divorce and poor Sanjay has no option but to lie. And lie he does, cornered Sanjay cooks up a preposterous story, which strangely his wife believes. The white lie he told to save his skin, takes a life of its own, creating one hilarious situation after another. Who knew a simple kiss would lead to matters of national security?

Well, in the rib-tickler, Randeria brings the story closer home. His wife Mona portrays a Nairobi-based wife, and his mother-in-law, who visits him in India from Nairobi, carries the airs of a foreigner. The dialogues, lightly peppered with Swahili words, work with the audience. Tejal and Randeria, backed by the support characters Jitendra Sumra, Jyuthika Shah, Riddhi Vora and Nilesh Joshi cook-up a hilarious potboiler.

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