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Sikh Council Kenya Launches Covid-19 Welfare Project Assistance

Sikh Council Kenya Launches Covid-19 Welfare Project Assistance










The Sikh Council Kenya Chairman
Bhalvinder Singh Pandhal speaks on the community welfare assistance project, and the roles and responsibilities members must take to prevent further spread and safeguard ourselves and loved ones too amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you have a support committee setup for emergencies related to Covid-19?

The Sikh Council Kenya has been monitoring the developments on the coronavirus since the first outbreak. We have asked our Sangat to respect and obey the directives of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and various other Government bodies, to try and contain the spread of the virus. In our endeavours to help the Sangat at large, Sikh Council Kenya has launched a Welfare Project – a country-wide support system to help and assist government directives. Our support teams are based all the country, and will be supported through our regional offices and chairmen of the respective regions. The team can be contacted through our help lines 0722738274 and 0718350837 to coordinator Arjun Singh.

Who are your support systems targeting?

The support groups formed are especially targeting the elderly, sick and the less fortunate in society. The elderly being the most vulnerable to the virus, we have appealed to all to stay at home and be safe. Should they require any assistance of any kind such as rations, groceries and medical supplies, we have made adequate arrangements with all our institutions, who will be on hand to help during available time following curfew restrictions.

What are some of the measures the committee has undertaken to sensitise the community on health matters in relation to the coronavirus pandemic?

We have sensitised the Sangat through our social media, giving them regular updates on how to keep themselves and others safe, we also have posters, effective yet simple illustrations and have them put up at our institutions. We have provided hand sanitisers for the Sangat when doors were open.

Religious institutions are currently closed for prayer and other activities. How are you imparting religious summons, and words to the faithful?

All our institutions for the past two weeks have been live streaming sermons as per government directives and we are consistently sending out prayers for peace to all out there.

How have you complied with the new restrictions issued by the government and health experts to control the spread of coronavirus?

During these trying times we have called upon all our institutions to strictly follow laid-down guidelines given by the MOH. We encourage all to use hand sanitisers, wash your hands more frequently with soap and water.

Beyond the community, how are you supporting other needy groups in Kenya?

Yes, we are supporting other societies as well. As and when the need arises the Sikhs community are known to help society at large, we are always ready.

What message do you have for The Asian Weekly readers during this trying time?

Our advice to all is to obey the dusk to dawn curfew, when you are out observe safe social distance in public transport, supermarkets and shops and if possible stay at home.

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