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Rotary Club Of Nairobi Turns 90

Rotary Club Of Nairobi Turns 90










The Rotary Club of Nairobi turned 90 on 11th September and the day marked the charter anniversary of the oldest Rotary Club in East and Central Africa, the regional flagship, mother Rotary club in this part of the sub-continent. To mark this day, Past Presidents of the club, participated in a panel discussion “RCN 90 and beyond” to reminiscence and ideate on the future of the club.

Over the past 90 years the Rotary Club of Nairobi has had an immense impact on the greater community in the region. The various community projects like the water and sanitation projects over the past few decades have transformed lives. Long term initiatives like the cataract surgery eye camps (Kenya Rural Blindness Eradication Program) led by Honorary Rotarian and ophthalmologist Dr Mukesh Joshi have restored the sight of thousands of individuals giving them a new lease of life. Another club project the Sunshine Rally, initiated by Rotarian Dr Manu Chandaria, has become a major marquee event in the lives of challenged children in the region.

The Jiko Project, led by Rotarian Atia Yahya, is a shining example of practical conservation while Sleeping Children Around the World partnership for bed kits distribution led by PP Salim Fazal, Rtn Nelson Mburu and team has brought a smile to thousands of children. Mentoring the next generation of leaders with the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, has been a spectacular success. Led by Past President Dr David Githanga, the project has moved from strength to strength, in energising the next generation of Rotarians.

The 90th President Ritesh Barot (OGW) said that it was an honour and immense responsibility to be at the helm of the club especially in these times of Covid

restrictions. “The Rotary Club of Nairobi has taken these restrictions in a stride and converted them into an opportunity to connect with Rotarians all over the world. With the support of my Board members and esteemed fellow Club members, we are having a very active beginning to Rotary year 2020/21 with vibrant and engaging weekly meetings and planning sessions of various projects. Our speakers since July have included Sekou Owino (Lawyer), Joe Muganda (CEO), Pamela Sittonni (Group Executive Editor), Fareed Khimani (Producer, Radio Host), Aashray Sood (yoga therapist), Natalie Githuku (Author), Professor Dr Michael Hopkins (Co-founder Institute of responsible leadership and Life Coach), and Hon K J Alphons (Member of Parliament and former Minister of Tourism of India). We have invited renowned Bollywood singer Shilpa Rao and made her interaction available to Kenyan citizens through our partnership with Radio44. Three of these illustrious speakers, Professor Michael Hopkins, Joe Muganda and Pamela Sittoni who have been our long-standing guests have now become part of our family,” stated Ritesh.

On the projects, the Mlango Kubwa feeding program championed by Immediate Past President Jessica Kazina and committee continues very effectively. The Club currently has multiple projects in the action and conception stages encompassing all Rotary areas of focus; fighting disease, promoting peace, providing clean water and sanitation, supporting education, saving mothers and children, growing local economies and disaster response.

“For our Thursday Club meetings we welcome visiting Rotarians from majority of the Clubs in District 9212, as well as very many International Clubs. We have received great attendance from international clubs including RC Madras (our sister club),” concludes Barot.



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