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Lasting Expressions With Flowers Textures and Flowers

Lasting Expressions With Flowers Textures and Flowers










Texture in a floral design is very important and is described as the feel, appearance or characteristics of the surface.

It should be taken into account to ensure that the combined texture will have the desirable flow and consistency.

In today’s design we have chosen roses, hypericum berries and aspidistra leaves as our smooth textures and chrysanthemums as our rough texture. Note, the button chrysanthemums are smaller and more rounded hence appearing texturally different to the other chrysanthemums. 

Flowers required:

2 bunches spray roses

4 bunches chrysanthemums in 2 different colours

1 bunch green button chrysanthemums

1 bunch green hypericum berries

3 Aspidistra leaves

Other items:

1 block oasis foam

1 long tray


• Soak oasis for at least an hour in water.

• In the meantime, remove leaves from flowers.

• Once oasis is soaked, place it securely into the tray,

• Start by placing your flowers in groups complementing the colours next to each other and keeping the flowers short and close together.

• This is a low compact table design; hence, it is important to group the flowers closely and not at the same height to give your design depth.

• The leaves have been folded along the edge of the tray, to give interest and cover any oasis showing.

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