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Zany Miranni Tickles Nairobi

Zany Miranni Tickles Nairobi











Dubai-based Indian comedian Nitinn Miranni made his debut in Kenya, with four back-to-back shows on 11th, 12th and 13th October, 2019 at the Trademark Hotel. The event was organised by M A Math Charitable Trust, under the guidance of Dr Manish Shah and convenorship of Swapnil Trivedy and Tanya Martin, in a bid to raise funds to build classrooms for a vocational centre at Athi River.

Stating the purpose of the event, M A Math Trust’s Dr Manish Shah said, “The inspiration of creating the vocational training centre came from my godmother Amma. To support training of skillset to get better manpower, in what we do, so our businesses flourish and we create more jobs. This is the whole reason behind setting up a vocational training centre; a centre of excellence where you would find your future staff.”

Following a presentation of mementos appreciating the supporters and sponsors, the emcees introduced Kenya’s very own stand-up comedian, Amandeep Singh who warmed up the audience for

Miranni’s debut performance. Pinky Ghelani, Bhargav Joshi and Tanya Martin served as emcees.

From the onset, Miranni was a hoot with the audience. Cracking jokes about different Indian stereotypes to different accents and innuendo-filled punchlines, he had Nairobi’s audience in splits throughout the show. The crisp, under two-hour program saw Miranni take digs at people’s peculiar habits, keeping it real with just the right amount of humour.

Speaking about comedy, Miranni told Ravneet Sehmi, “I do a lot of improv and comedy is all about timing, it’s about being in the right place, saying the right thing. I usually assess the audience in the first few minutes and take a leap of faith thereafter. It’s more important for the audience to see me in all my vulnerability, and they like honesty. I got a standing ovation for my first show in Nairobi, and that was really amazing.”

In over eight years since he forayed into comedy, Miranni has made a mark for himself, having performed alongside Shah Rukh Khan, and performed in different parts of the world. Speaking about his upcoming meeting with Trevor Noah, Miranni said, “It does have pressure, but I am a fan of his. As a host, it’s important to set them up. I’ve been blessed to have opened for many comedians.”

On Saturday, there were two shows; one that was supported by Kesses MP Swarup Mishra and was attended by CS Amina Mohammed. The dignitaries expressed support to Ayudh’s White Cane project, founded by Swapnil Trivedy and Arjaa Shah. CS Mohammed will spearhead the project to distribute the canes in different parts of the country. A donation of 15,000 walking sticks for the visually-challenged members was received from donors from the USA, that will help support the needy members.

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