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VC Jinit Shah On VOC Nairobi’s Covid-19 Response

VC Jinit Shah On VOC Nairobi’s Covid-19 Response











Do you have a support committee setup for emergencies related to Covid-19?

Yes, we have an emergency response team on standby to tackle the issue.

The support groups formed are especially targeting the elderly, and sick. Who are your support systems targeting?

Our main target are the elderly Oshwals but general support and awareness is also being given and created amongst all ages.

What kind of support are you providing? Within the community, we are currently disseminating information on social distancing and hygiene, symptoms et cetera so that community members gain awareness of what to look out for.

What are some of the measures the committee has undertaken to sensitise the community on health matters in relation to the coronavirus pandemic?

A lot of dissemination of information; edcating members about the virus, its mode of spread; as well as encouraging self-isolation and social distancing.

In the wake of the pandemic, religious institutions are closed for prayer and other activities. How are you imparting religious summons, and words to the faithful?

We have an app that community members can download on their phones and listen to sermons or daily prayers.

How have you complied with the new restrictions issued by the government and health experts to control the spread of coronavirus?

We have closed down our facilities including the Sports Complex and the Derasars to

prevent group gatherings.

Beyond the community, how are you supporting other needy groups in Kenya?

We have decided to support over 6, 000 street children by providing cooked meals for them everyday. Towards this, we have partnered with 36 organisations that run support networks for these street children. We will provide the food and sanitisation products which these partners will cook, feed and supply the street children. The partner organisations will also ensure that social distancing and other government directives are adhered to when providing the meals. It was felt that during a crisis like what is going on, street children usually get overlooked. There are many programmes and people donating food to many slum dwellers but no one specifically focusing on street children. Sewa which means supporting the less fortunate is a key aspect of Jainism, the religion we follow and we believe no one should go without a meal in times of crisis.

What message do you have for The Asian Weekly readers during this trying time? 

This is a unique time to slow down and reassess what one values in life. Let’s pray together and support each other and the people of Kenya in whatever way we can to help get rid of this threat to our country.

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