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  • Maddo - All About Looking At Life Through Witty Cartoons

    There is a popular adage that says ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ Around the world there have always been exceptional individuals who express their views about people in the news, as well as happenings around them, with a cartoon ...

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  • Dr Vimal Shah Appointed To Post-Election Peace Panel

    On 8th August, the Chairman of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission Dr Samuel Kobia appointed Dr Vimal Shah as a member of the Kenya Eminent Panel for Peace (KEPP). ....

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  • Manu Chandaria Awarded Carnegie Medal Of Philanthropy

    Manu Chandaria has been named one of the 2022 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Honorees. The medal recognises outstanding philanthropists who reflect the values of Andre Carnegie and his philosophy of giving- that the surplus wealth of .....

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  • Decision 2022

    Kenyans headed to the polls on 9th August to choose their leaders from president down to member of county assembly for the next five years. The election day was largely peaceful despite logistical delays and a failure of the identification kit in some parts of the country which saw the ....

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  • Rebrand To Boost Sales In The Second Half Of 2022

    Kenyan businesses have been hit by one after another uncertainty. But the spirit to go on is inbuilt in them, which helps them survive and thrive. Consider the following to rebrand your business to boost......

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