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  • Autism Awareness Day Interview With Sara Jamal

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in 160 
children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Worldwide, people with ASD are subject to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations. Further, access to services and support for people with ASD is inadequate...

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  • VC Jinit Shah On VOC Nairobi’s Covid-19 Response

    Do you have a support committee setup for emergencies related to Covid-19? Yes, we have an emergency response team on standby to tackle the issue. The support groups formed are especially targeting the elderly, and sick. Who are your support systems targeting? Our main target are the elderly Oshwals but general support and awareness is also being given and created amongst all ages....

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  • Sikh Council Kenya Launches Covid-19 Welfare Project Assistance

    The Sikh Council Kenya Chairman 
Bhalvinder Singh Pandhal speaks on the community welfare assistance project, and the roles and responsibilities members must take to prevent further spread and safeguard ourselves and loved ones too amid Covid-19 pandemic....

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  • Travel The WorldFrom The Comfort Of Your Sofa

    Thanks to technology- a smart device and internet connectivity- being confined to our homes, because of social distancing restrictions and closure of would-be destinations, isn’t a hindrance to travelling the world as you might think...

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  • Pankaj Shah On His Humanitarian Covid-19 Response

    On 21st March at 2am, Pankaj Shah shared a Facebook post vowing to provide food, drinking water and milk for 10 people who earn daily wages to help them survive every day and urged his friends to adopt at least one daily worker...

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