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Jawed Habib Hair Mantra And More

Jawed Habib Hair Mantra And More










I have always imagined meeting a namesake and asking his name. It would tickle me a bit to retort, “Me too, ha ha!” I toyed with the joke, as I was driving to meet my namesake, an established and renowned hair dresser, Jawed Habib.

The owner of Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd, Jawed has taken the franchise to higher levels through innovation and passion. He helps aspiring stylists achieve their dreams through Jawed Habib
Academy that operates in 24 states and 110 cities in India, with 846 outlets in addition to establishments in Singapore and London.

He is passionate about hair dressing. Without pre-empting much, here’s a quick interview with Habib.


Your visit to Kenya is related to hair and hair dressing, I believe.

We have done wonders in India with the Jawed Habib brand and through setting up hair academies. This can be applied in different parts of the world. Whether it’s Afro hair, blonde, oriental or Indian – the cutting system remains the same. I hope to set up a system here, but I am interested in meeting the people who will be setting up the business, and connect with the souls of those I will potentially train.

Without training we are just a beauty parlour; with training we are hair doctors!


Okay, let’s talk about the Jawed Habib Academy. 

We have many academies right now. We are in India and Nepal has two academies. We are starting in Bangladesh. Hopefully, we will start in Kenya. Jaweb Habib Academy is divided into three categories- hair, beauty and makeup. We hope to churn out more trainers who can help spread the wings of the academy.


What has been your career’s biggest achievement? 

Making this (hair dressing) a profession. I don’t talk cosmetics, Bollywood or politics. I only speak about ‘baal’ (hair). When people get up in the morning, they go to the mirror and set their hair. And if you’re looking good early in the morning, the day goes well because that boosts you. Who else has thought that way? Hair is the crown that you wear. For me, it’s been a great achievement to make the hair business grow!


How did the interest in hair dressing start off?

I’m the third generation of the business. My grandfather started the business, so together, we have a legacy of hundred years. For my grandfather, it was an art. For my dad, it was a livelihood and for me, it’s a business.


Was it a natural transition for you to get into hair dressing?

No, I never thought about it. I did my Masters in French and was aiming for a career in hotel management. But I was meant to be a hair dresser, so, I went to London to study the profession and the technicalities of it, and the rest is history. Today, Jawed Habib is one of the main brands in the world. We run academies in 110 cities. We train 10,000 people a month. I think over here, hairdressing is very personalised. I think we need to furnish the culture.


What’s the idea behind the Jawed Habib franchise?

I want people to go to a brand – Jawed Habib – and not to the individual. You know, when I leave this world, the legacy has to be carried forward, just like other international brands that span decades.


You’re a bona fide hair expert who travels all over the world. How do you compare hair around?

India is way advanced when it comes to hair dressing, even compared to Dubai and Singapore. In the last 10 to 15 years, India has worked hard; we have surpassed many countries.


But trends come and go in India faster…

The reason is Bollywood. The industry influences hair dressing trends in a big way and that’s what keeps hair dressers on their toes. Hair dressing is so interesting. It’s passion, romance, personality, a positive state of mind and so much more!

For me, hair dressing is a religion… it’s not just cutting hair, but art and a science.


What is the science aspect of hair dressing?

Number one, you should be passionate about the profession. Number two, you should be educated so you can feel hair. Once you feel hair, you feel a personality. And once you feel hair, it’s like an x-ray of a personality. I don’t think many people talk this language, but there’s a lot that goes into dressing hair.


But people are not very comfortable in experimenting with hair.

The reason for that is because people go to cut hair to untrained barbers. They are scared. That’s why the education behind hair dressing is important. When it comes in, it will change a lot of perceptions and inhibitions.


What is the definition of good hair, according to you?

Good hair means your own look and we all have a different texture. We all have different noses, eyes, body structures and textures; these are unique to us. Good hair doesn’t mean a Shahrukh Khan look.  We cannot copy Shahrukh Khan. His features are different, his profession is different. It is how you frame the face.


What advice do you have for those people with hair woes?

To maintain good hair, wash it daily with shampoo. Now, people ask me why we must shampoo daily, since shampoo has chemicals. Toothpaste has chemicals too, why do we brush daily?

The answer is simple: apply oil in your hair, comb it  and leave it for five minutes before shampooing it. You will not get grey hair, neither will you lose hair.


Any final words?

Keep smiling; when you smile, your hair will smile and your life, profession and marriage et cetera will smile too.

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