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Dj Deshal Serves It Hot At VIP Night

Dj Deshal Serves It Hot At VIP Night











Pictures by: DHRUV SHAH 

The Mayura Restaurant played venue to the eighth and latest VIP Night as Nairobi’s renowned deejay, DJ Deshal, served it hot on what was a chilly 9th June night.

Dubbed ‘The VIP White Night,’ the party, co-sponsored by The Asian Weekly and – attracted a good turnout.

“VIP Nights are about series of classic events; it was a concept I introduced to add flavour to my events in what is an already happening partying scene in the capital… These parties are taken to different locations, adding to the experience of it all… As for the all-white theme, it was about bringing a unique elegance to the evening,” began DJ Deshal.

Flanking the deejay were two artists, Sodi Singh and Shainul Ramji – who goes by the stage-name, Shay – as well Rushab the Drummer, performing live for a highly
entertained audience.

Belting a mix-genre of tunes, the performers enthralled partygoers with their musical ingenious late into the night and till the wee hours of the morning.


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