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Dreams Of Burma

                  Report By : SIMON MULI Nestled between India, China and Thailand lies an exotic land studded with gilded pagodas, temples, red robed monks and more. Myanmar, or Burma is probably one of the most unique countries I have ever […]

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Manish Raisinghan: I’m Greedy To Play Any Good Role Offered

                  Report by: JAVED KANA Charming and charismatic may be superlatives that define Manish Raisinghan. However, beyond the good looks is a soft-spoken, friendly and talented actor. Having risen the ranks from the ramp to acting, hosting and now […]

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The Cooking Edge Mwikos & Jikos Carnival Ends

                  Report By: CAINE CORREA Photos By: DHRUV SHAH Rustic Mint Shack in Peponi was a fitting finale venue for the second edition of Mwikos and Jikos cookout contest. Featuring teams cooking outdoors on charcoal fires, a speciality of Kenyan […]

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                  Report By: ISHI KALSI This article is a first of four which I will write due to certain media publicity that the topics have attracted recently. On 25th June 2018, a media station aired a story called “Sins of […]

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Sidi: The Safari Rally Has Been Diluted

                  Report By: HUSSEIN JIVA Prior to being known for his prudent yet affectionate and knowledgeable banging in of motorsport stories for Kenyan media, Abdul Sidi was a rally navigator, sitting shotgun beside Peter Hays. He was reluctantly thrusted into […]

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